Portable Diesel Generating Set

Gasoline Inverter Generator Set

Yorking inverter generator line range is from 1Kw to 7Kw. There’re open type and silent two kinds structure for gasoline inverter genset from 1Kw to 3Kw, which can meet different back up power demands of customers either for camping or other outdoor activity. 3Kw to 7Kw inverter generator feature three phase output for more applications. Compare with traditional constant speed generator set, Yorking inverter generator set offer you the top quality and green power.

Gsoline Inverter Generator Set 1-8kVA

— Clean and reliable power for sensitive electronic equipment

  • Advanced inverter technology ensures clean and stable power output from such compact power package. The wave distortion is less than 2%, so the unit can meet G2 standard.
  • There’s anti electromagnetic interference devoice in the circuit to ensure clean output.
— Stronger power and excellent sudden load performance
  • Yorking inverter gensets feature stronger power. The sudden load performance is excellent enough to load some impact load, such as drill, jump bit, cutter bar etc garden machinery.

— Lightweight and compact

  • The unit design is compact and lightweight. Some models are equipped with wheels and handles. It’s easy to access the service parts thanks to the unique connection between the engine and modular design of the canopy. Accordingly, the vibration and noise is greatly reduced.
  • To meet the different demands of customers, we provide open frame and silent two kinds of structure for customer choose. Open frame genset is more portable.
— Fuel efficient ensures long time running
  • The engine speed is variable with real time load, which greatly decreased the fuel consumption and emission.
— Simple operation and easy service
  • The control panel indicates the real time voltage, frequency, power and running hours. That makes operator easily knows the unit running information and service time.
  • There’s USB 5V output terminal in the control panel for charging mobile electronic devices.
  • To ensure operator’s safety, there’s optional GFCI receptacle in the control panel for North America market, and there’s circuit breaker for other market.
— Super quiet running
  • Yorking inverter genset is much quieter than the conventional generator. It’s the ideal power for the camping, RV and any situation demands quiet running.
Yorking is specialized in the development and production of generator set, mobile light tower and water pump etc power equipment. We persist in technology innovation and product improvement to achieve sustainable development, focus on providing high quality customized power solutions.

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