Gas Generating Set

Natural Gas Generating Set 60-300kW

Yorking’s marine generator sets have advantages such as small compact structure, easy maintenance and so on, covering a power range from 8kVA-27kVA. Yorking choose  Kubota, Yanmar or Chinese top quality diesel as the power. With unique cooling structure and noise control design, Yorking’s marine generator sets deliver customer the high reliability, efficient and quiet marine electric power.

Thanks to years of research and development of marine generator sets, Yorking fully understand marine customers’ needs. Yorking can not only provide customers with high-performance marine generator sets,  but also fully consider the convenience of maintenance and repair during design period.

Natural Gas Generating Set 60-300kW

Yorking is specialized in the development and production of generator set, mobile light tower and water pump etc power equipment. We persist in technology innovation and product improvement to achieve sustainable development, focus on providing high quality customized power solutions.

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